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Why are we having inaccurate council tax band

The number of houses with the inaccurate council tax band is more than you think

Many homes in England and Scotland are believed to be in the incorrect council tax bracket, resulting in homeowners paying incorrect and inflated tax bills. With council taxes increasing by 5% for millions of people this year, it’s crucial to verify that your property is in the correct tax band. Our reliable system can help you do just that, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in overpaid taxes.

In 1991, the government faced a pressing challenge: assigning a valuation band to every property in the country as part of the newly introduced council tax system. With time running out, officials turned to estate agents and other industry experts for assistance, seeking their help in completing this mammoth task.

Despite the estate agents’ assistance, they found themselves strapped for time in gathering comprehensive data, so they devised a speedy solution by pairing up and embarking on a whirlwind tour of the streets, swiftly assigning each property a value with merely a cursory glance. Their expedited appraisals became affectionately known as “second-gear valuations,” as their vehicles rarely came to a stop, let alone did they step out of them.

Several years elapsed, and yet no one arrived to save the unfortunate property assessments in England and Scotland, despite the Welsh Government reevaluating all residences in that area. Consequently, the inaccurate and outdated valuation continues to heavily influence the categorization of properties throughout the kingdom. This explains why you might be paying more than your neighbor, even if you both reside in properties of identical size.

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